No change after Ramadan…just following everyone Else

“So, why no change after Ramadan?

Just following everyone Else”


Sometimes, a person does not change after Ramadan although during Ramadan there was a discernible difference in h/her behaviour, attitude and pattern of worship. There may be a number of reasons why change is not entrenched or lasting within a person after Ramadan has finished such as:

[2] A person may have fasted in Ramadan and prayed the prayers in it because of the atmosphere of the month, i.e. his worship was built due to the surroundings and pervading mood rather than a deep thought or understanding as to why he should fast, what the aim is and why it is so important for a believer. This is the case with any event or engineered change in atmosphere (cf. the Olympics, World Cup, Tournaments, Christmas, etc.). If one’s actions are performed more on an emotional basis rather than an intellectual understanding of one’s purpose in life, the obligation to follow Allah’s commands and fear of the implications of one’s actions, then the basis will not be strong or firm. The connection will be weak and temporary. Hence, acting based on connecting to one’s `aqida through understanding that connection is extremely important.



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