Ad-Duha Learning Centre

Ad Duha | an Islamic Institute | London

New courses:
  1. Fiqh of Marriage and Divorce.
  2. Fiqh of Marital Intimacy.
  3. Fiqh of Ijarah Part 1: Fiqh of Employment.
  4. Fiqh of Ijarah Part 2: Fiqh of Hiring, Leasing and Renting.
  5. Fiqh of Taharah and Salah (‘Purification’).
  6. Fiqh of Clothing (al-libas).
  7. Fiqh of Food and Drink (at’imah wa ashribah).
  8. Fiqh of Zakat.
  9. Fiqh of Hajj and ‘Umrah.
  10. Islamic Financial Contracts 1.
  11. Islamic Financial Contracts 2.
  12. Islamic Finance.
  13. Usul al-Fiqh  (‘Islamic Jurisprudence’).
  14. Ulum al-Hadith (‘The Science of Hadith’).
  15. ‘Ulum al-Qur’an (‘Science of the Qur’an’).
  16. Mustalahat al-Hadith (‘Hadith Terminology’).
  17. Islamic Partnership Laws (sharikah).
  18. Arabic Rhetoric (balaghah).
and more

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