The Defeatist Thinker

The Defeatist Thinker…It’s our Fault Syndrome

The Defeatist Thinker Series:

“‘Well, it’s our Fault!’ Syndrome”


 Some Muslims think along the following lines:

[P5] I can’t speak out against the injustice, discrimination and rise of Islamophobia in the society helped by Government policies because we as a community are to blame for creating the situation.


[C5] Therefore, we shouldn’t speak out against the government on Muslim concerns.


  • This kind of thinking is shaped by fear and weakness. Undoubtedly, the Muslim community has an internal set of challenges that need to be addressed but this does not excuse the social, political and religious pressures it continually faces due to for example:

[1] Attacks on Islamic symbols (veils, headscarfs, minarets, etc.).

[2] Sustain media creation of ‘panics’ and ‘scares’ about Islam and Muslims.

[3] Drafted policies and legislation that target Muslim beliefs, values and ways of living.

[4] Accusations of failing to integrate and adopt western values. Etc.

  • Thus, although there are some dangerous ideas that embolden vulnerable Muslims into committing violent acts that are squarely against Islamic teachings, this in no way means there are no other factors that have contributed to the creation of the current domestic climate. Many factors have led to the rise of anti-Muslim hatred in Europe and America such as:

[1] Socio-economic degradation (crime, unemployment, disenfranchisement, etc.).

[2] Foreign Policy and political events in the world (wars, occupations, etc.).

[3] The rise of the far right ideas (racism, fascism, etc.).

[4] The growing visibility of Islam in society (schools, mosques, clothes, shops, etc.).

[5] Divisive language towards Muslims from various MPs as well the government.

[6] Perpetuation of myths about Islam and Muslims.

[7] Discrimination and double standards towards Muslims, etc.

  • Thus, this type of thinking is very lopsided.



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