The Defeatist Thinker

The Defeatist Thinker…You’re causing trouble Syndrome

The Defeatist Thinker Series:

“‘You’re Causing Trouble for Everyone!’ Syndrome”


 Some Muslims think along the following lines:

[P3] I can’t speak out against the injustice, discrimination and rise of Islamophobia in the society helped by Government policies as that would make life difficult for Muslims living in the West.


[C3] Therefore, we shouldn’t speak out against the government on Muslim concerns.


  • This kind of thinking assumes that by Muslims remaining quiet, docile and in a state of subversion (See “‘Don’t Rock the Boat!’ Syndrome”), all domestic and international problems involving Islam and Muslims will somehow disappear. No person can live his life without raising some concern(s) h/she believes are important. So long as one does that, one is ‘rocking the boat’ so to speak. So, we all do it, and have to at times, and so in the case of injustice, discrimination and rise of Islamophobia, Muslims will tackle these head on and expose the agenda behind it even if it means ‘rocking the boat’ because: (i) the truth, (ii) the integrity of the Muslim community, (iii) the existence of the Muslim community and (iv) Islam are all too important and too great to lose.
  • This kind of thinking also assumes that Muslim dissent against the government causes domestic division and hostility. In both cases, however, it overlooks the fact that community pressure against Islam and Muslims is caused by many other factors such as: (i) Foreign policy of invasion, occupation and militarisation (especially of the Muslim world); (ii) media propagation of government narratives of the ‘Islamic threat’; (iii) government policy that degrades cohesion between other faith communities and Muslims, etc. Thus, this kind of thinking undermines the legitimate avenue of political dissent against Islam and Muslims. To prevent this or advise against is itself an act of injustice.



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