The Defeatist Thinker

The Defeatist Thinker…What’s the point Syndrome

The Defeatist Thinker Series:

“‘Oh, What’s the Point!’ Syndrome”


 Some Muslims think along the following lines:

[P1] Anything Muslims as a community or as representational organisations will say will be ignored. The government just won’t listen to them and they won’t change.


[C1] Therefore, there’s no point in speaking out against the government on Muslim concerns.


  • Whatever happened to speaking out against injustice towards Muslims? Silence only serves to perpetuate and lend legitimacy to injustice.
  • This type of thinking suggests that nothing is worth the effort. Is this a principle a Muslim (in fact ANYBODY) can live by? What does it say about hope and optimism? Not much.
  • This kind of thinking assumes that struggling for a Muslim cause is pointless. Well, without struggle, not many valuable things are achieved (Madrasahs, Ma`hads and Mosques…). Imagine if the blessed Prophet (saw) and his Noble Companions had this type of thinking when struggling in the da`wa against the Quraysh in Mecca?



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