The Defeatist Thinker

The Defeatist Thinker…Gotta Survive Syndrome

The Defeatist Thinker Series:

“‘Sorry, But I Gotta Survive!’ Syndrome”


 Some Muslims think along the following lines:

[P2] I can’t afford to speak out against the injustice, discrimination and rise of Islamophobia in the society helped by Government policies as that would endanger the survival of my madrasa/institution/Mosque.


[C2] Therefore, we shouldn’t speak out against the government on Muslim concerns.


  • This kind of thinking suffers from extreme selfishness where the concern is oneself and h/her vested interest and not the concern of the community’s collective well-being. This is detrimental to their own well-being anyway because to allow a community to be weakened and subverted is in effect to weaken all its parts.
  • Can a Muslim really live by the principle: ‘I’m not willing to stand with you in the injustice, discrimination and Islamophobia you are suffering because my madrasa/institution/Mosque is more important’ (?) Not really, because those with vested interests now will one day be the subject of injustice, discrimination and Islamophobia in the future. What then? Also, this is not the Prophetic way…
  • This kind of thinking allows the government to perpetuate its attack on Islam and Muslims because silence gives the impression of legitimacy and endorsement.
  • The madrasa/institution/Mosques that are built or founded by individuals who remain silent in the face of injustice, discrimination and Islamophobia because of safeguarding perceived interests are not presenting a leadership example for others to follow.



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