“After Ramadan…Turning away from Mercy”

“After Ramadan…”

Turning away from Mercy?


The blessed Ramadan offers opportunities to attain the mercy of Allah, immense blessings and innumerable reward through for example:

  • Recitation of the noble Qur’an.
  • Extra Prayers (tarawih and voluntary, e.g. in laylat al-qadar) during the Night.
  • Charity (sadaqa, zakat, etc).

The ‘graduate’ from the ‘school’ of Ramadan knows that over the course of the month he has realised the unique opportunities he gained for forgiveness and nearness to Allah but after Ramadan he turns his back on all this! Is this not the height of folly? Would an athlete after long, intense and sustained training suddenly let himself or herself go? No. Would a rehabilitated person want to return to their prior state of misery and addiction? No. Would a construction company build building only to demolish them again? No. This would be harmful and foolish. In the same way, by discarding everything (e.g. whether positive behaviour, good patterns of worship and religiosity, etc…) gained from Ramadan, he is displaying a serious lack of sense. In fact, it would be a display of the utmost ingratitude to Allah because Allah’s grace (tawfiq) allowed the person to benefit from Ramadan and now a person abandons that.

One ought to become thankful of Allah for the opportunity to benefit from Ramadan and show that gratitude with all his being: i.e. his heart, body and faculties. Ibn al-Qayyim comments: “Gratitude [to Allah] may be: in the heart which involves submission and humility; it may be on the tongue which involves praise and acknowledgement [s: of His immense favours]; and it may be with the physical faculties which is by means of obedience and submission [s: to His commands].”[1]

الشكر يكون: بالقلب: خضوعاً واستكانةً، وباللسان: ثناءً واعترافاً، وبالجوارح: طاعةً وانقياداً


  • Ramadan teaches a person to be grateful to Allah for the immense blessing He has given.
  • Ramadan teaches a person to be grateful to Allah for the unique opportunity to draw closer to Him.
  • Ramadan teaches a person to be grateful to Allah for the means of gaining multiplied reward.
  • The most rational, sensible and right thing for a person to do is to build on this experience of Ramadan for strengthening the relationship with Allah further and not to weaken it by turning away from Allah.



[1] See Madarij al-Salikin, 2:246.


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