Mustafa Jaane Rehmat_prophet distributes Allah’s blessings

Mustafa Jaane Rehmat Pe Laakon Salam_

The Prophet Divides the Divine Treasures


Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan al-Qadiri al-Hanafi (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) says:

مصطفٰی جان رحمت پہ لاکھوں سلام

شمعِ بزمِ  ہدایت پہ لاکھوں سلام

Countless blessings on al-Mustafa, the Essence of Mercy.

Countless salutations on the most resplendent light of Guidance!

اصل ہر بُود و بہبود تُخمِ وجود
قاسمِ کنزِ نعمت پہ لاکھوں سلام

The stem of every bud and the seed for every fragrant thing;

Countless blessings on he who distributes the divine treasures!


As a consequence of the plethora of miracles Allah gave to the Prophet, the natural phenomenon (e.g. curtailing the sun,[1] splitting the moon,[2] controlling the winds, causing clouds above the sky for rain[3], sending water down for nourishment and needs[4], causing rain[5] etc.) were brought under his control by Allah’s permission. However, there are two additional gifts granted to the Prophet that constitute a constellation of gifts he was granted not given to any Prophet or Messenger before him: [1] his possession of the “keys to the earth’s treasures” (mafatih khaza’in al-ard)[6] i.e. he was made victorious, triumphant and possessor of the terrestrial domains east and west[7] and [2] he was made the conduit and distributer of the divine blessings remarking: “Thus, I am indeed the distributer who distributes between you…” (fa-innama ana qasim aqsimu baynakum).[8]


Peace and blessings upon the Best of Creation,

Our Master Muhammad, his Companions,

Family and all those who follow them.


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[8] Bukhari, Sahih (#2946). And other narrations mention the wording: “I am the distributer and Allah is the Giver…” (ana ’l-qasim wa Allahu yu`ti); see for example Bukhari, Sahih (#2948) and Muslim, Sahih (#1037).


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