Mustafa jaane rehmat_the prophets Companions and family

Mustafa Jaane Rehmat Pe Laakon Salam_

The Prophet’s Companions and Family


Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan al-Qadiri al-Hanafi (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) says:

مصطفٰی جان رحمت پہ لاکھوں سلام

شمعِ بزمِ  ہدایت پہ لاکھوں سلام

Countless blessings on al-Mustafa, the Essence of Mercy.

Countless salutations on the most resplendent light of Guidance!

اُن کے مولا کی اُن پر کروروں دُرود
اُن کے اصحاب و عترت پہ لاکھوں سلام

Upon him his Lord imparts endless salutations;

Countless blessings on his Companions and Family!


Allah informs us in the Noble Qur’an of the lofty status of His beloved in the highest assembly from where He and the host of Angels impart continuous and perpetual “salat” (salutations and blessings to him).[1] Then Allah also ordered the earthly inhabitants to impart salutations and blessings so that praise and benedictions from both realms are realised. This is one of the greatest magnifications of praise.[2] Another point that magnifies the greatness of this praise is how Allah himself is direct participant to the act of imparting salutations and blessings on the Prophet which makes it superior to the honour conferred on Prophet Adam where Allah could not logically participate in prostrating to Adam like the Angels did.[3] The reality of the status and rank of the Prophet is inexplicable.[4]

The Companions of the Prophet are the best of people from the best generation.[5] They are the ones who took, internalised, externalised and established the Religion of Allah on earth. Their struggle, sacrifice, commitment and sincerity to the cause of Allah’s message are unsurpassable. The differences between them should always be interpreted with favourable and positive perspective without any being maligned or attacked (May Allah be pleased with them all!).[6]

The Family of the Prophet are beloved to all Muslims and the Prophet has praised them immensely.[7] We must know about them, follow them and nurture full love for them in our hearts.[8] This was the way of the Companions, the early generations and the righteous from this Umma and to depart from this is forge a path to Allah’s wrath – the Hellfire.


Abundant salutations and peace,

On our Beloved, The Chosen One.

Upon his family, Companions and all

Who follow them. Amin.

[1] See Imam al-Sakhawi’s, al-Qawl al-Badi`, pp.38-39. Although here the word “salat” means mercy (rahma) which implies benefaction and respect.

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[5] See Sh. Muhaddith `Abd al-Haqq al-Dihlawi, Takmil al-Iman (= DeLorenzo’s trans. as ‘Perfection of Faith’), art.70 & 72-80, pp.100-101 and 104-132.

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[8] Ja`far al-Kattani, al-Arba`in, pp.11-25.


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