Mustafa Jaane Rehmat_the Prophets blessed smile

Mustafa Jaane Rehmat Pe Laakon Salam_

The Blessed Smile of the Prophet


Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan (Allah’s mercy be upon him) says:

مصطفٰی جان رحمت پہ لاکھوں سلام

شمعِ بزمِ  ہدایت پہ لاکھوں سلام

Countless blessings on al-Mustafa, the Essence of Mercy.

Countless salutations on the most resplendent light of Guidance!

جس کی تسکیں سے روتے ہوئے ہنس پڑیں

اُس تَبَسُّم کی عادت پہ لاکھوں سلام

He whose consolation turned crisis into laughter;
Countless salutations on that smiling nature!


The Prophet had the most beautiful smile and it was his habit to have it.[1] His smile was striking and resplendent and the Companions would notice it; they had never seen anyone to smile more than him.[2] His wonderful laughter was always a broad smile (to the extent his molars would show) and it was never undignified or misplaced. His abundant laughter would be a point of ease, comfort and honour for those around him. His encouragement to smile making it carry the reward of charity is an immense blessing and means of fortifying love and softness between people.

The Prophet would also offer condolences – whether to Muslim or non-Muslims –and it was part of his known practice.[3] He would comfort and console with no flattery or protracted words and would offer strength, advice and refuge for those seeking it.


Abundant salutations and peace,

On Our Beloved, The Chosen One.

Upon his family, Companions and all

Who follow them. Amin.

[1] For hadiths on this, refer to Imam al-Tirmidhi’s Shama’il (#216-224) and Imam `Ali al-Qari’s commentary Jam` al-Wasa’il, 2:18-28.

[2] See al-Tirmidhi, Shama’il (#217) and the comments by Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Zakariyya Khandahlawi.

[3] See for example, Bukhari, Sahih (#1356) and Ahmad, Musnad (#13201). See also the alleged letter of the Prophet offering condolences and advice to Mu`adh ibn Jabal upon news of the latter’s son passing away as reproduced in Abu Nu`aym’s Hilyat al-Awliya’, 1:243-244 and elsewhere although the narration is problematic as discussed by Abu Nu`aym due to the transmitter’s mistaken attribution of the letter to the Prophet instead of some of Companions who had actually written to Mu`adh.


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