Mustafa Jaane rehmat_The Prophets Blessed Eyes

Mustafa Jaane Rehmat Pe Laakon Salam_

The Blessed Eyes of the Prophet


Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan (Allah’s mercy be upon him) says:

مصطفٰی جان رحمت پہ لاکھوں سلام

شمعِ بزمِ  ہدایت پہ لاکھوں سلام

Countless benedictions on al-Mustafa, the Essence of Mercy.

Countless benedictions on the most resplendent light of Guidance!

جس طرف اٹھ گئی دم میں دم آگیا

اُس  نگاہِ  عنایت  پہ  لاکھوں  سلام

Wherever it fell, life itself was revived;

Countless benedictions upon those caring eyes!


The blessed name “Mustafa” means the ‘The Chosen One’ who is purified by Allah of any blemishes. He is also ‘The Elect’ (al-mukhtar) from eternity when the Prophet Adam “was still kneaded in his clay”.[1] The Prophet was also the guiding light (nur) sent by Allah to illuminate the darkness and bring all people into the salvific fold of The Creator.[2] Through the Prophet, innumerable communities that were once spiritually dead were brought alive from disbelief into belief and guidance – superior to the physical life granted by Prophet `Isa to the physically dead.[3]

The Prophet’s blessed eyes have been described by the noble Companions and discussed by our scholars. In summary, it is as follows:

[1] His eyes were wide and large appearing beautiful and striking.[4]

[2] His iris was extremely black and piercing.[5]

[3] He had a complexion of redness in the eyes which some argued was a sign of his Prophethood and an extremely attractive quality according to the Arabs.[6]

[4] His eyelashes were long and full, shaped like a bow.[7]

[5] He had fine eyebrows, perfectly shaped with a gap in between both.[8]


Abundant salutations and peace,

On Our Beloved, The Chosen One.

Upon his family, Companions and all

Who follow them. Amin.

[1] See Ahmad, al-Musnad al-Shamiyyin, 13/282 (#17086) = al-Arna’ut’s edn. 28/382 (#17151).  Cf. also Imam `Ali al-Qari’s discussion of this narration and its variants in al-Asrar al-Marfu`a, p.268 (#352).

[2] Refer to the various commentaries on the Prophetic ‘light’ mentioned in Q. 5:15 by al-Tabari, al-Jami` al-Bayan, 6:161; al-Razi, Mafatih al-Ghayb, 11:194 and al-Baghawi, Ma`alim al-Tanzil, 2:228. See also `Ali al-Qari, Sharh al-Shifa, 1:505 ff.

[3] As remarked by Sultan al-`Ulama’ al-`Izz ibn `Abd al-Salam in his Bidayat al-Sul fi Tafdil al-Rasul, p.28 (13 = Bewley’s trans.).

[4] See `Ali al-Qari, Jam` al-Wasa’il fi Sharh al-Shama’il, 1:55.

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[8] `Ali al-Qari, Jam` al-Wasa’il fi Sharh al-Shama’il, 1:55 f.


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