Surat al-Baqara / Tafsir

‘Lord of the East and West: A Tafsir of Baqara Verse 115’

“A Tafsir of Surat al-Baqara Verse 115”



Shaykh `Ata’ Ibn Khalil (may Allah protect him) in his commentary on al-Baqara, verse 115 says:

و ذكر المشرق و المغرب و المشرقين و المغربين و المشارق و المغارب كناية عن أن الله سبحانه مالك لكل الجهات و خالق لها…

“And regarding the verse {to Allah belongs the east and west…}, it means He is the Owner and Creator of all directions […] His mentioning ‘the east and west’,[1] ‘the two east and the two west’[2] and ‘the easts and the wests’[3] is an allusion (kinayah) to Allah (Glorified be He!) being the Owner and Creator of all direction…”[4]


كنايات: a type of metaphorical expression; metonymy, allusion, indirect reference, clue.[5] According to al-Zamakhshari, it is to refer to some object with other than the word originally designated for it.[6] Examples:[7]

[1] {He is the one Who created you from a single soul}[8] where ‘single soul’ refers to the Prophet Adam (AS).

[2] {Rather, both His hands are extended…}[9] which is a figurative expression for Allah’s unbounded generosity and grace.

[3] {They are a garment for you and you are a garment for them} which euphemistically refers to close contact, sex or intimate relations.[10]


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