Surat al-Baqara / Tafsir

“Sealed Hearts…A Tafsir of Baqara Verse 7”

“A Tafsir of Surat al-Baqara Verse 7”


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Shaykh `Ata’ Ibn Khalil (may Allah protect him) in his commentary on al-Baqara, verse 7 says:

[2]. “The attribution of ‘sealing’ the hearts to Allah in {Allah placed a seal on their hearts…} is from the mutashabih (ambiguous) verses.[1] The most likely (rajih) meaning is that those specific non-believers reached absolute obstinacy in their disbelief and rejection of the Truth with this attitude firmly rooted in their hearts such that it is as though they were created with padlocked and sealed hearts that rejects belief and guidance. It follows then, that the meaning is non-literal (majazan)[2] that indicates the entrenched disbelief in their hearts as if they were created by Allah with this quality…”[3]



[1] For more on the mutashabih, refer to my Early Kalam Controversies, pp.52-88.

[2] For detailed analyses on the figurative dimension of Arabic, see my Introducing Arabic Rhetoric, pp.78-93.

[3] See `Ata’ Ibn Khalil, al-Taysir fi Usul al-Tafsir, p.50. Cf. also “Figurative Language (Majaz)” at


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