Q & A Wudu' and Purity

Q & A: “Chatting to girls and being aroused…”


Q. I chat to gals and get aroused afterwards, do i have to do ghusl?


            Speaking to the opposite sex in and of itself does not constitute grounds for performing the full ritual bath (ghusl) although Islamic guidelines must be observed when conducting one’s self around ghayr mahram females. As a basic rule the fuqaha’ (Islamic legal scholars) give the following framework with regards to discharge of bodily fluid:

  1. If semen (Ar. = mani) is discharged say through full ejaculation then this will necessitate the full purificatory bath (ghusl).
  2. If pre-ejaculatory fluid (Ar. = madhi) is discharged say through erection and arousal then this will not necessitate the full purificatory bath.
  3. If a clear liquid that precedes urine (Ar. = wadi) is released then this too will not necessitate the full purificatory bath.

So, only 1 (emission of semen) will require the full bath and 2 & 3 will only necessitate wudu’. If 2 and 3 is emitted and there is a noticeable residue (approximately 3cm in diameter) on the clothes, then unless that specific area is washed, salah will be considered makruh (disliked) but will nevertheless remain valid:

“(emission of sperm) which is a whitish fluid that softens up the penis up on its release and has a strong smell […] and the scholars are all agreed that it is not necessary for a person to perform ghusl if they release madhi and wadi…”[1]

(خروج المني ) وهو ماء أبيض ثخين ينكسر الذكر بخروجه يشبه رائحة الطلع.

أجمع العلماء على أنه لا يجب الغسل بخروج المذي والودي.

“…these are what require a bath […] the emission of semen whether awake or asleep […] and performing ghusl after releasing madhi and wadi is not obligatory.”[2]

وهذه النواقض للغسل … إنزال المني فيى اليقظة أو في النوم

ولا يجب الغسل من خروج مذي وودي.

 And Allah knows best.

[1] Imam al-Tahtawi, Hashiya `ala Maraqia al-Falah, pp.96 and 101.

[2] Imam al-Nabulusi, Nihayat al-Murad, pp.190 and 194.





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