Q & A Wudu' and Purity

Q & A: “Wudu and gel…”


Q. slm *** is it permitted to do wudu with hair gel?


I take it you mean to perform wudu’ while having gel already applied on the hair? As far as I know the wudu’ will be valid as long as it is not so thick as to prevent water from reaching the hair:

“And his statement (the same applies if he applies any oil) like oil or lubricants and sesame oil different from grease or solid fat. His statement (al-dasuma [s: a type of fatty grease]) is the remains of the oil as mentioned by al-Shurunbulali. al-Maqdisi said: In al-Fatawa it mentions, ‘he applied oil to his feet and then performed wudu’ and [thereafter] poured [water] across his legs and water did not reach [the required area] due to the oil’. This is permitted due to the feet being washed…[1]

قوله و كذا دهن اى كزيت و شيرج  بخلاف نحو شحم و سمن جامد قوله و دسومة هى اثر الدهن قال فى الشرنبلالية قال المقدسى : و فى الفتاوى دهن رجليه ثم توضأ و امرّ على رجليه و لم يقبل الماء للدسومة جاز لوجود غسل الرجلين

“My father, may Allah Most High have mercy on him, said that if one applies oil to his feet and then pours water and it does not reach [the skin] due to the oily area, wudu’ is still permitted as mentioned in Khazanat al-Fatawa. In Majmu` al-Nawazil it has: washing requires pouring water over the parts without it sticking. If he oils those parts of the body required for wudu’ and then pours water over them and it does not stick to the skin, then it is permitted…”[2]

قال والدى رحمه الله تعالى اذا دهن رجليه و امرّ الماء و لم يصل لمكان الدسومات جاز الوضوء كما فى خزانة الفتاوى و فىمجموع النوازل: الغسل يقتضى جواز اسالة الماء على الاعضاء دون الازاق فلو دهن اعضاء الوضوءثم سال عليها الملء  و لم يلتزق عليها جاز

As a rule, anything that prevents water from reaching the skin with a barrier will not render wudu’ valid until that barrier is removed.

And Allah knows best.

[1] Imam Ibn `Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar, vol.1, p.154.

[2] Imam al-Ghunaymi, Nihayat al-Murad, p.81.


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