Q & A Wudu' and Purity

Q & A: “Using hair removal products…”


Q. Using hair removal products for armpits.


There is nothing wrong in using contemporary hair removal products in order to remove:

1. hair on one’s armpit;

2. hair on one’s private parts (pubic hair) and

3. hair on one’s body.[1]

There is also nothing wrong with shaving these areas. These products are merely means to achieve an action. One can use other methods such as scissors clips, tweezers, etc. should it be desired:

“[…] it is permitted to shave the armpits although using tweezers is more preferable…”[2]

وفي الابط يجوز الحلق والنتف اولي 


And Allah knows best.

[1] Ibn `Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar, vol.6, p.407:

“[…] and in shaving of body hair and hair on the back there is lack of etiquette as mentioned in al-Qunya… and there is nothing wrong in shaving chest hair and back hair…”

وفي حلق شعر الصدر والظهر ترك الأدب كذا في القنيةولا باس في حلق شعر الصدر والظهر.

[2] See al-Fatawa al-Hindiyya, vol.5, p.358.


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