Q & A Wudu' and Purity

Q & A: “Urine droplets after doing wudu’…”


Q. Droplets of urine after using the toilet.


Droplets of urine after visiting the toilet can remain or seep out long after. There is a process of ensuring droplets of urine or residue is extracted called istibra and is highly recommended. One procedure involves using the middle finger and/or index finger of the left hand pressing down upon the urethra starting from between the scrotum and the anus moving forward along the penis forcing any urine drops. This can be helped if tissue is used to catch the droplets so as to avoid any droplets falling on one’s clothes. Another way perhaps to force droplets out is by coughing a few times.

“…{just like how} there is no nullification {if one inserts or dabs his urethra with cotton and moistens the outer part} this being the case if the cotton is high up or facing the tip of the urethra whereas if it is at the bottom of it, then it does not nullify. The same ruling holds for the anus, private parts and {if one moistens} the interior part then there is no nullification…”[1]

 كما) ينقض  لو حشا إحليله بقطنة وابتل الطرف الظاهر) هذا لو القطنة عالية أو محاذية لرأس الإحليل وإن متسفلة عنه لا ينقض وكذا الحكم في الدبر والفرج الداخل (وإن ابتل) الطرف الداخل لا  ينقض


Allah knows best.

[1] See al-Haskafi, al-Durr al-Mukhtar, vol.1, p.148.


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