Q & A Sylhet

“TVs are haram…”

Q. The Mawlanas here prohibit watching TV. Is this correct?


Technological objects in origin are permitted under the legal maxim: ‘the norm is that all objects are permitted unless a text specifies its prohibition’. Watching programmes that have unlawful contents would make that viewing unlawful not the object itself:

“Regarding televisions and videos, then there is no doubt in the impermissibility of using them to watch a lot of unlawful programmes such as shameless, lewd and uncovered women who are adorned or to watch nudity and other things like that which lead to open sin and depravity…”[1]

اما التلفزيون والفديو فلا شك في حرمت استعمالها بالنظر الى ما يشتملان عليه من المنكرات الكثيرة من الخلاعة و المجون و الكشف عن النساء المتبرجات او العاريات و ما الى ذالك من أسباب الفسوق…

And Allah knows best.


[1] See Mufti Taqi Usmani, Takmilat Fath al-Mulhim, 4:164.


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