Q & A Sylhet

“Cockle shells and bracelets…”

Q. Using cockle or oyster shells from Cox’s Bazar [কক্সবাজার] to make bracelets and then wearing them.


To purchase, use, wear or adorn one’s house with cockle shells or oyster shells from the sea is not unlawful as long as one does not fashion the form of a living creature with them. In Radd al-Muhtar of Imam Ibn `Abidin it has: “There is nothing disliked about wearing a belt with iron rings, copper or ivory…”[1]

و لا يكره في المنطقةحلقة حديد او نحاس و عظم

And Allah knows best.


[1] Ibn `Abidin, Radd al-Muhtar, 6:359.





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