Part 5: “Angels send blessings ion those who Fast”

Part 5:

“Angels send Blessings on those who Fast”

– Imam al-`Izz Ibn `Abd Al-Salam


“And He – upon him be peace – said: ‘The Angels impart salutations on those who are fasting when food is eaten in front of them until they finish.’[1] As for the angels imparting salutations on the one who is fasting when food is eaten in front of them, their refraining from eating food even when it is in front of them shows considerable restraint [s: and control] of their nafs. Therefore, they are fully deserving of the angels’ salutations upon them. The reference to the salutations of the angels (salatuhum) is an expression meaning their supplications of mercy and forgiveness for those fasting (du`a’uhum lahu bi ’l-rahma wa ’l-maghfira)…”[2]


  1. Fasting has immense merit and excellence. Celestial beings are involved by imploring Allah for mercy and forgiveness on behalf of those fasting.
  2. The reward of Angels imparting salutations is on account of restraining the nafs and this indicates what an extremely important act it is and hence the reward is commensurate with the action.
  3. The rank of the one who are fasting is elevated by this reward and by the action itself.

ولله الحمد


[1] Mentioned by Imam Ahmad in the Musnad, 3/365; al-Tayalisi in his Musnad (#1666); Ibn Majah, Sunan (#1748) and Tirmidhi, Sunan (#785).

[2] Imam al-`Izz Ibn `Abd al-Salam, Maqasid al-Sawm, p.12.


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