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Heroes of Islam…The Noble Sahaba

Remarks on the Sahaba and why they are Our Heroes…

In the English language, the word ‘hero’ is used to describe different people in different contexts and has meanings such as

  1. A person with strength.
  2. A brave person.
  3. A courageous person.
  4. A person who risks and sacrifices.
  5. A person with special achievements.

We want to talk about Heroes of Islam. What makes a hero in the Islamic context? Let one of the greatest Sahabi Sayyiduna Ibn Mas`ud (ra) tell us. He says:

“Whoever wants to follow a path (mustannan), then let him follow the path (fa’ l-yastanna) of those who have passed away.”

أيها الناس من كان منكم مستنا فليستن بمن قد مات


“Because those who are alive have not escaped their trials, their tribulations, their tests and their fitna.”

فإن الحي لا تؤمن عليه الفتنة

Who are the people then that we should follow who have passed all their tests?
“They are the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). They are the best of this Umma.”

أولئك أصحاب محمد كانوا أفضل هذه الأمة

What were some of their heroic characteristics?

“They had the most pious and pure hearts; the deepest knowledge, the least pretentious. They were a people whom Allah chose to be close to His Prophet and establish His religion in life. So, come to know them and their excellences and follow them in what they said and hold on to them as much as you can of their morals and religiosity because they were all on true guidance and the Straight Path.”[1]

أبرها قلوبا وأعمقها علما وأقلها تكلفا قوم اختارهم الله لصحبة نبيه وإقامة دينه فاعرفوا لهم فضلهم واتبعوهم في آثارهم وتمسكوا بما استطعتم من أخلاقهم ودينهم فإنهم كانوا على الهدى المستقيم

Thus, they had the attributes of:

  1. Piety.
  2. Purity of heart.
  3. Knowledge.
  4. Worked to establish the din of Islam practically in life.
  5. Morals.

The Noble Companions of the Prophet (saw) were the best people, from the best generation[2] and the standard for all subsequent generations. They are the model for all believers and the ones towards whom we look for guidance and example. They are heroes in the truest sense of the word when we study each of their lives. They are the accomplished ones…Following them therefore is a sure way to salvation.[3]

A Muslim must approach the study of the great lives of Sahaba with the utmost humility and desire as well as understanding and thought.

With Allah is all success.

s. z. c.


[1] See Ibn `Abd al-Barr, Jami` Bayan al-`Ilm, 2:97 and Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani, Hidayat al-Ruwat ila Takhrij Ahadith al-Masabih al-Mishkat (#191) with a break in the transmission channel.

[2] al-Nawawi, al-Minhaj Sharh Sahih Muslim b. al-Hajjaj, 16:84.

[3] Ibn Taymiyya, Majmu` al-Fatawa, 13:24.


5 thoughts on “Heroes of Islam…The Noble Sahaba

  1. Quick Grammar Question:

    Sorry for being too technical but I really benefit from your Arabic and English translations.

    Should it be fal-yastanna since this is lam al-amr?

    The only way it could be fal-yastani is if there were no shaddah on the nun hence the one n in my spelling thus making the verb weak but I believe you were referring to istanna yastannu istinan.

    I love this blog.

    God bless you and your family for these stunning posts.

    • Assalmau `alykum.
      Perhaps these may help:
      Hayat-us-Sahaba: Lives of the Sahabah
      By Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Khandalwi (1917-1965)
      Translated from the Arabic To English and Edited By Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias
      10 Parts in 3 Hardback Volumes 2002 Pages
      Published in India/Pakistan (good Quality Print)

      The Beauty of the Righteous & Rank of the Elite
      Translation from the Original Arabic & Edited By
      Shaykh Muammad Al-Akili
      Pearl Publishing House, Printed In India
      Paperback 431Pages

      Companions of the Prophet – Book 1 & 2
      Abdul Wahid Hamid
      Published by MELS – Muslim Education Literary Services
      Pages: 532 Per Book Binding: Paperback

      Golden Series of the Prophets Companions (Set of 18 books)
      Published By Darussalam

      Men & Women Around the Messenger

      Authored By: Sa’d Yusuf Abu ‘Aziz
      Translated By: Suleman Fulani
      Published By: Darussalam
      Hardback, 608 Pages

      I hope these help.

      remember us in your du`as.

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