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Adhering to Islam: Imam al-Haddad




  • Holding onto Islam is obligatory.
  • The religion consists of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Both comprise our religion (din).
  • Imam `Abd Allah b. `Alawi al-Haddad (RA) mentions in his Risalat al-Mu`awanah[1] the following:

وعليك بالتمسك بالكتاب والسنة و الإعتصام بهما . فأنهما دين الله القويم و صراطه المستقيم .

من أخذ بهما، سلم و غنم و رشد و عُصم .

و من حاد عنهما ضل و ندم و هلك و قُصم .

فاجعلهما حاكمين عليك و متصرفين فيك و إرجع أليهما في كل أمورك ممتثلا وصية الله و وصية رسوله .

قال تعالى : (يأيها الذين آمنو...) . و معنى قوله : فردوه الى الله و الرسول أي الى الكتاب و الســـــــــنة

“And you must hold onto the Book [of Allah] and the Sunnah [of the Messenger] and adhere, guard and protect them both for together they constitute the True Religion of Allah and His Straight path. Whoever takes them both, he will be safe, guided, successful and protected. And whoever abandons or deviates from them, he will be misguided, regretful, destroyed and broken. Make both your arbiter and authority and make recourse to them in all affairs and matters obedient to the commandments of Allah and his Messenger. Allah most High says: (O believers! Obey Allah and obey His Messenger and those in authority over you. If you dispute in a matter then refer back to Allah and His Messenger). The meaning of ‘refer back to Allah and His Messenger’ means the Book and the Sunnah…”


 And with Allah alone is all success.


[1] See Imam al-Haddad, Risalat al-Mu`awanah, p.63.


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