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Advice_Yusuf al-Nabhani



The noble judge and scholar of hadith, Imam Yusuf al-Nabhani – Allah have mercy on his soul – gives the following advice:


فاشفق على نفسك ايها الانسان و ازل حجاب الغفلة عن عقلك حتى ترى بعين بصيرتك البالطل باطلا فتجتنبه داية الله و ترى الحق حقا فتتبعه بتوفيق الله فان الامر عظيم و الوقت قصير، و كأنك بالموت و قد نزل، و ما انت مقبل عليه من العذاب الدائم ان لم تتبع الحق قد حصل * حيث لا تنفعك الندامة * و لا يقبل لك عذر يوم القيامـــــــــــــــــــــــــة.


“O man! Think for yourself! Tear down the curtain of ignorance and heedlessness from your mind so with clarity you can see falsehood as falsehood and hence avoid it and see the Truth as the Truth so that you can follow it by the grace and help of Allah! The matter indeed is very great and time is very short…”[1]

  • People can often be distracted by pursuits that ultimately will be of no use for them in hereafter (akhirah) in this they have squandered.
  • People can often make worldly pursuits a priority over religious pursuits and in this they become heedless.
  • People can oftent fail to study and understand the Islamic concepts and precepts related to their creed (`aqidah) and this they become ignorant.
  1. Thus, as a result, people can be turned away from the original focus of attention which is worshipping Allah through living by all of His commandments whether personal, social, political or economical.
  2. There is ongoing opposition from political and intellectual forces to thwart any aim or vision for Muslims to live under their Sacred Law – the Shari`ah.
  3. Muslims must therefore recognise that alternatives presented to them in the guise of secular political systems and secular ideas or viewpoints in life are unacceptable from the Islamic standpoint and to understand them as they are – falsehoods (batil).
  4. What is True (haqq) is whatever Allah and His beloved Messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace) have given and commanded us to adhere to regarding all spheres of human action and interaction.


And with Allah is the real help.


[1] See Yusuf al-Nabhani, Khulasat al-Kalam, p.54.


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