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Q. If you go back home, you see the family atmosphere and the respect for one another. Here, with our families that atmosphere doesn’t seem to be there. Why is that? (Is it due to the capitalist system) and is this why our relationship with our parents like this?


No doubt, as Muslims, our relationship with our parents is defined by Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW) and because it is a command from Him, it must be obeyed. Therefore, disobeying this command is a serious sin.

Obeying, respecting, loving, caring and living with our parents appear strange to the society around us. Unfortunately, this strangeness has crept into the mindset of many Muslims to the extent that even Muslims are annoyed, rude, disrespectful, fed up and dismissive of their parents. This is utterly against our Islamic culture and the beautiful and just rights given to parents by theShari`ah.

Endemic to the capitalist way of life is a strong streak of individualism and personal pursuit of pleasure and gratification. Once the individual makes himself the standard of morals, ethics and rights, everything else becomes secondary. It is also unfortunate that a culture of mistreating the elderly, alienation of youth from love and warmth, social cohesion and community spirit are seeping into the cultures of Muslim countries where Islamic norms and rules were once entrenched and upheld. Muslims need to re-examine and ponder about what the best way of reviving not only the social culture but the culture in general before this residue of capitalism becomes widespread.


And with Allah alone is all success. 


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