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Q & A hyprocrisy of role models

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Q. 1. When you look at older’s [sic.] who were role models because they used to have girls, hiring out the latest cars, going clubbing they had a rep. when they go hajj, get married, they change and start giving dawah to me. I see it a bit hypocritical and kind of look [word unclear] them off. Because they used to have everything and now they are telling me I can’t have all those pleasures?

Q. 2. How can I make a haram relationship halal?

A. 1.

            Often, Allah (SWT) brings those habituated on bad actions out of their destructive darkness and into the fold of His mercy (rahmah). He gives them understanding and clarity in the religion and makes them a force for change and inspiration to others. No doubt, many who used to live a life in utter disobedience (ma`siyah) to Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW) like doing some of the things you mentioned in your remark, have a serious remorse for those things often feeling disgust when reminded of them. This indeed, I guess, is their kind of burden.

            Your resentment in saying “I see it a bit hypocritical” is perhaps a little unforgiving. It is not that someone who realises the importance of their Religion has ‘had it lucky’ in being able to do pleasurable things that are unlawful (haram) from our Sacred Shari`ah, i.e. ‘have their fun’ and now have become serious. Some people take that course before Allah (SWT) endows them with the realisation of Him. For others it is different. To consider a person in a state of sin as ‘enviable’ or ‘lucky’ is extremely unfortunate and we should revise such opinions.

            It is utterly incorrect for someone to harbour a mentality whereby they think indulging in the detrimental and harmful pleasures of the dunya can be balanced by a single hajj trip to the Sacred Haram (i.e. Mecca). Unfortunately, many of us think like this and it is wrong. This carries a sin on many levels, e.g. doing a haram action knowingly; intentionally neglecting a ruling/command of Allah and His Messenger; carrying an incorrect intention, etc.

            We ask Allah (SWT) to protect us from sin and disobedience – especially hypocrisy. Amin!

A. 2.

            To make a haram relationship halal, I presume the question is talking about boy-girl and girl-boy relationships. The only lawful means by which the opposite sexes can intimately interact is through our institution of marriage. Our sacredShari`ah does not permit indulgent, intimate, sexual and reciprocal emotional closeness between the sexes except through a valid marriage.


And Allah knows best.


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