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Q. When a Muslim sister is inSchool, college, university, what is the best way to give dawa to other Muslim women who do not wear the veil by giving dawa or by showing them by her behaviour?


It is imperative that Muslims at schools, colleges and universities – especially sisters – are aware of the broader difficulties and challenges being raised on these locations. Due to the many intricate political events that occur both domestically and internationally, discussions are always centred on Islam and its teachings. For this reason, Muslims must be equipped to defend and uphold the Islamic thoughts and values and are aware of separating what are real lies and twists from what is straight and true. To this end, Muslim sisters need to engage in discussing issues such as the veil (often referred to as ‘Hijab’, ‘Purdah’, ‘Burka’, etc.), women’s rights and status in Islam, the role of women, etc. Your question of “giving dawa” may include empowering our sisters with the strength of Islam and its thoughts as many of our sisters on campus, in schools and colleges or elsewhere have not been shown the superior nature of the Din and how it views relationships between men and women and how this relationship is the best way to protect and guard the honour and dignity of both genders. This may be done as opposed to (as often does happen) veiled sisters condemning and damning the ‘veil-less’ sister to the pits of Hell! Da`wah does not = scorn or ridicule of others or even condescending remarks. It is a general call and invite to Islam by lead and example in exemplifying the best etiquette and moral behaviour (akhlaq) it espouses. This is perhaps where your question of “showing them by her behaviour” comes in. A Muslim sister must be the most patient, dignified,  sensitive, strong and intelligent person who comforts her sisters – regardless of whether they are committed Muslims or not. In fact, it may be that those not wearing the khimar and jilbab are waiting for encouragement and support from their fellow sisters so that an atmosphere of love, support and mutual care and concern can be established.

If your question is referring to Muslim women giving da`wah to other Muslim women, then no doubt a combination of both is required, i.e. to give sincere advise in the best possible way without being judgmental and to exemplify the best moral behaviour in doing that.


And Allah alone knows best.




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