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Q. There’s been attack onShari`ah recently and regarding the woman. They look to Arab and Asian countries and claim these are shari`ah being implemented. My question is are these shari`ah implemented societies? If not, what kind of systems are implemented in these systems (sic. Countries?) and would you say that contributes to the woman in these regions being oppressed?


Often, Asian and Arab countries are held up as examples of Islam simply because the Islamic systems used to be fully implemented in those countries. For historical reasons and indeed an internal failure of Muslims to correctly understand their religion vis-à-vis a number of factors, there was an eventual collapse in the Islamic political dynamic and systems.  

Regrettably today, there is nowhere at present a Muslim country that meets the legal criteria of being called a fully “shari`ah implemented society”. This does not in anyway suggest or imply that the people of those countries are rebellious, irreligious and anarchic Muslims; it only indicates that if the country/land/region was to be classified by a jurist (faqih), it would not be classified as dar al-islam (= the land/abode/territory of Islam).

            Even more regrettable is that those Muslim countries that claim to be implementing shari`ah in its totality, fail to establish the due rights to women as ordained by Allah (SWT). Women in these countries are often restricted in their pursuit for sacred knowledge and education; the right to seek employment; the right to own and property and businesses, etc. not really a positive example for those looking into Islam and its application in practical life.

            The oppression of woman (and men) will continue so long as human beings determine their own standards free from the standards of The One who alone knows best how to organise the collective and individual affairs of human beings – Allah (SWT).

And with Allah alone is all success.



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