Islamic Law / Shaykh `Abd al-Karim Zaydan

Abd al-Karim Zaydan_Sharia demands a State


Imam Dr. `Abd al-Karim Zaydan writes:

“One of the unique aspects of Islamic Law is its scope and comprehensiveness. There is nothing in life that does not have an Islamic ruling for it. That is why we find rulings related to devotional matters (al-`ibadat), morals (al-akhlaq), doctrine (al-`aqa’id) and transactions (al-mu`amalat) in the broad sense of the word organising all relationships pertaining to people and what is between them regardless of whether thay are as individuals or as a collective. Allah the Mighty spoke true when he says: {We have left nothing out of the Book…}[1]

So, if Islam is comprehensive, then it follows that we find in its rulings and principles matters pertaining to the state and its ruling system (ma yata`allqu bi ‘l-dawla wa nizam al-hukm) like the idea of Shura[2], accounting the rulers and the duty to obey them as long they are on the ma`ruf (‘good’)[3], laws pertaining to war, peace and treaties as well as many other rulings related to the state and its various aspects.

In the Sunna of the Prophet, words such as ‘al-amir’, ‘’al-imam’ and ‘al-sultan’ refer to those who hold power and authority, i.e. governance (al-hakuma) and governance is an extremely important aspect of the state.[3] These texts indicate the need for these [laws] to be implemented because revelation was not revealed to be read and then discarded but to be read and then implemented and its implementation means it being established through a state based on the concepts which the Shari`a came with.”[4]


[1] See surat al-An`am:38.

[2] M. F. al-Sulami, The West and Islam: Western Liberal Democracy versus the System of Shura, pp.37-60.

[3] B. Lewis, The Political Language of Islam, pp.43-70.

[4] Zaydan, al-Fard wa ‘l-Dawla fi ‘l-Shari`at al-Islamiyya, pp.7-8.


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