Islamic Law / Shaykh `Abd al-Karim Zaydan

Abd al-Karim Zaydan_Islamic Laws Require a State to Implement Them


Imam Dr. `Abd al-Karim Zaydan wrote:

“In Islamic Law, there are rulings (ahkam) such as punishments (al-`uqubat), ruling between the people with what was revealed by Allah, Jihad in the way of Allah and other such rulings that by their nature require an authority to implement them over the people because people alone cannot implement them. Regarding this, Imam Ibn Taymiyya (d. 1328)[1] wrote:

يجب أن يعرف أن ولاية أمر الناس من أعظم واجبات الدين، بل لا قيام للدين إلا بها، فإن بني آدم لا تتم مصلحتهم إلا بالاجتماع لحاجة بعضهم إلى بعض

لأن الله أوجب الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر، ولا يتم ذلك إلا بقوة وإمارة، وكذلك سائر ما أوجبه من الجهاد والعدل وإقامة الحج والجمع والأعياد ونصر المظلوم ، وإقامة الحدود لا تتم إلا بالقوة والإمارة

‘It must be known that governing the affairs of the people (wilayat al-amr al-nas) is one of the most important religious duties without which the religion itself cannot be established. People cannot fulfill their interests and needs without societal cohesion between them […] Because Allah made commanding right and forbidding wrong (al-amr bi ’l-ma`ruf wa’l-nahy `an al-munkar) a religious duty, it cannot be accomplished except with [some form of] power and authority (al-quwwa wa ’l-imara). The same holds for everything else Allah has made obligatory such as jihad, justice, establishing the Hajj, the congregational prayers, the celebrations of Eid, helping the oppressed, establishing the fixed hudud penalties. None of these can be accomplished except with a force and authority.'[2]

Thus, the re-establishment of the Islamic State is a necessary matter (amr daruri) so that the Islamic laws can be implemented.”[3]


[1] For a short introduction to Ibn Taymiyya’s life, see A. al-Matroudi, The Hanbali School of Law and Ibn Taymiyya, pp.13-30.

[2] Ibn Taymiyya, al-Siyasa al-Shar`iyya, pp.172-173.

[3] Zaydan, al-Fard wa ‘l-Dawla fi ‘l-Shari`at al-Islamiyya, pp.8-9.


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